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Confessions of a First Time Filmmaker

Richard Wagner, renowned German composer and theatre director, once wrote that ‘the ancient splendour and beauty of Prague, a city beyond compare, left an…


Faoistín Andúiligh Teicneolaíochta

Tuairimíocht ar Uile-Láithreacht na Teicneolaíochta i láthair na huaire agus a Drochthionchar do Chumarsáid Dhaonna Ní féidir maireachtáil gan an teicneolaíocht sa lá atá…

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An Interview with ‘The Academic’

Music editor Aoileann Kennedy chats with lead singer of ‘The Academic’ Craig, about touring, recording and the band’s plans for 2017. After two years…

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Albums in Review

  Aimee Mann – ‘Mental Illness’ CT Rating: 7/10 Aimee Mann has been a standard dish in American singer-songwriter circles for over 25 years….