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UCD Student Spread Positivity To Frontline Workers During Pandemic

During the challenging times we have faced these past few months, it has been hard to stay positive, however UCD Psychology student Mikayla Morton has decided to help brighten the days of many frontline workers who were working tirelessly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

On 13 April, Morton and her family received the news that her grandmother tested positive for Covid-19. After fighting the virus for a few days, she tragically passed. Morton spoke to the College Tribune about this heart-breaking experience.

Debunking Money Myths: Will I Be Taxed For The Covid-19 Unemployment Payment?

Back in May, Independent TD Marian Harkin warned that people receiving the Covid-19 unemployment payment could be in for a “terrible shock” at the end of the year as many do not realise it is taxable. Numerous third-level students have…

“I Wasn’t The Most ‘PC’, But I Don’t Regret It” | Thomas Monaghan on Leaving UCDSU

Agreeing to interview Thomas Monaghan, I didn’t really know what to expect, having an image of him as this mad Mayo fella from UCD Students’ Union (SU). We began in the most clichéd ‘Thomas Monaghan’ way, starting the Zoom call…

UCD Students able to Benefit from Ireland’s First Social Housing Student Development

Empower the Family Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) is a charity founded in 2018 by Deborah Somorin with powerful and ambitious goals to assist disadvantaged young people pursue their dream education. The project has progressed exponentially since its inception in 2018 and today is the only female-led Irish company on the Forbes list this year.

“Every single person who has that determination and ability to succeed and go through university should be supported to do that,” said Somorin. “That’s how Empower the Family came about…nobody was looking at the space of social student housing.”

No Messing Around This Time: UCD’s New Students’ Union President

The next President of University College Dublin’s (UCD) Students’ Union (SU) will be a familiar face to some. As this year’s Graduate Officer for the SU, Conor Anderson championed a reported revitalisation amongst graduates for the organisation. In February this…

Commuting: “More Buses” May Be Needed For UCD Students Returning In September

As the anticipation of a new, post-coronavirus academic year approaches, many students who commute to University College Dublin (UCD) are facing the prospect of new and additional challenges. Following this week’s announcement that Trinity College Dublin is working with Dublin…

#MeWho?: How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Overshadowed Harvey Weinstein’s Conviction

News of Harvey Weinstein’s conviction and sentencing has been overshadowed worldwide by the COVID-19 pandemic and hence his conviction will not have the profound impact on attitudes to sexual abuse and the #MeToo movement that was previously expected.

The Coronavirus pandemic has been dominating headlines worldwide now since February. Most news stories are somehow related to the current pandemic, whether it be the impact of COVID-19 on the economy or the GAA, and there is little media or public attention being given to any non-COVID related news. Many issues that were previously considered very important and warranted much attention are now on the back burner.

UCD Purl Jam sharing the love during the pandemic

University College Dublin’s (UCD’s) craft and creative group, UCD Purl Jam, have been making heartfelt gifts and face masks for patients in hospitals and other vulnerable groups in kind gesture. UCD Purl Jam have recently set up two separate campaigns in aid of the Covid-19 crisis.

The UCD group have previously advocated for humanitarian causes, such as their recent project surrounding Climate Change. Their newest projects however, focus on some of the most exposed groups throughout the crisis, those in nursing homes, direct provision  and patients hospitalised due to Covid-19. 

My Time at UCD Students’ Union: Thoughts on Uniting the Divides

Brian Treacy – UCDSU Education Officer 2019/20 (pictured, right) I started my time as Education Officer of UCD Students’ Union in June 2019 after a needlessly strenuous election the previous April. I was unopposed, but still set myself the target…

How Social Distancing Guidelines Will Impact Student Societies Next Semester.

Covid-19 restrictions and physical distancing bring particular difficulties for UCD societies and has compelled them to change the way they host social events. The College Tribune has contacted various societies to ask how they will modify their activities to comply with new regulations.

Joanna Siewierska On Her “Challenging” Year As UCD Students’ Union President

As the year officially comes to an end for this year’s team of Executive Officers in University College Dublin’s (UCD) Students’ Union (SU), The College Tribune has interviewed outgoing President Joanna Siewierska on the highs, the lows and her legacy…

The South Dublin Pub Bringing Pints To Your Door

Since the beginning of May, Rathmines pub Mother Reilly’s have been delivering pints to the doors of customers in the local area. UCD students who reside in parts of South Dublin are among those who can get pints from a…