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Dear Universities, You’re About to Cause a Greater Public Health Crisis Than Covid-19 | Opinion

There were sniggers this week as Trinity reported an increase in applicants due to Normal People’s romanticism of Irish university life. Most of the Twitter mockery was justified; Marianne’s Victorian townhouse, for instance, is certainly far from your average Dublin…

The 300 year-old rule barring solicitors from becoming senior counsel has been overturned

For the first time ever, solicitors are now eligible to become senior counsel, a title held by roughly 325 barristers at present. This landmark change to the 300 year-old rule is provided for within legislation passed 5 years ago, which has recently been enacted.

Lessons I learnt from loss

Over the past five months, many have had to deal with the loss of loved ones, and not being able to see their family. Our opinion writer Jessica McCarthy shares her story of dealing with loss and what she learned.

“It’s not enough for Ireland to say, ‘We’re not racist’, Ireland must now work to be actively ‘anti -racist’.” – UCD Student

The recent murder of George Floyd sparked a massive movement among people around America and the world to end racism. The College Tribune recently reached out to students to discuss potential racism on campus and what the experiences are of…

Our Consent Education Needs to Change | Opinion

“Get her drunk first, yeah lads?” That sounds like the kind of base and immature banter you would expect to hear in a pub or maybe a locker room. I heard it from my 3rd year Geography teacher as a…

That’s a wrap

As I sit here tearfully jotting down my final reflections as a post graduate student, I look back fondly at what’s changed since we started together back in February.

Well firstly, we were teased with a mere three scant weeks in the Innovation Academy in UCD, with the abundance of campus resources only a few steps away only to be sent abruptly home…and I had only just managed to navigate my way to the O’Brien Centre from the N11 car park with absolute confidence. We won’t mention the fifty quid I had just forked out for said parking space. The benefits were short lived. 

Why it is time to rethink Econ 101

There is something foul in the state of economics. At the best of times beginners economics courses are overly simplistic, at the worst of times they are ideologically driven and are training a generation of economists in idealistic concepts. It…

#MeWho?: How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Overshadowed Harvey Weinstein’s Conviction

News of Harvey Weinstein’s conviction and sentencing has been overshadowed worldwide by the COVID-19 pandemic and hence his conviction will not have the profound impact on attitudes to sexual abuse and the #MeToo movement that was previously expected.

The Coronavirus pandemic has been dominating headlines worldwide now since February. Most news stories are somehow related to the current pandemic, whether it be the impact of COVID-19 on the economy or the GAA, and there is little media or public attention being given to any non-COVID related news. Many issues that were previously considered very important and warranted much attention are now on the back burner.

Ryan Is Not The Green Messiah, He’s A Very Naughty Boy | Opinion

Before we begin, let’s clear this up. I am a Green Party member. I speak for myself and not for anyone else in the party who happens to share my positions. I am a young (22 years old), left-wing college…

UCD Should Adopt A New Mental Health Strategy | Ruairí Power – UCDSU Welfare Officer

Safely emerging from the Covid-19 crisis demands that we reimagine the structure of our day to day lives. How we access mental healthcare is no exception. Following the unified calls from opposition parties last week, the government has approved ‘Sharing…

Saturday Classes “Incredibly Unfair” and “Not Practical” | Letter to the Editor

The following letter is in response to University College Dublin’s (UCD) proposed university structures for Trimester 1 in Autumn 2020. National health guidelines will pose “significant challenges” to maintaining face-to-face college as we know it, with plans to adopt “hybrid”…

“Blended Learning” Could Spell Trouble For UCD | Letter to the Editor

Sir, – The College Tribune’s report on Jim Miley’s concerns regarding Teaching and Learning in the next academic year hints at wider problems that UCD (along with all other universities) now has to face.  In March and April, lecturers transitioned…