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Direct Provision Residents Undergo Hunger Strike, Protesting “Inhumane” Conditions

Residents of the Direct Provision Centre in Cahersiveen have gone on hunger strike to protest their “inhumane” living conditions. The hunger strike began on the morning of Tuesday July 28th and follows calls for the centres closure by its residents and…

Conway-Walsh: Sinn Féin Higher Education Spokesperson on “Unsustainable” Model | Interview

On the 22nd of July, Rose Conway-Walsh, Sinn Féin TD and opposition spokesperson on Higher Education, Innovation, and Science, spoke with The College Tribune on a number of ongoing student topics. The interview began with the matter of government funding….

It’s not easy being green | Conall Mac Dhonnagáin – PRO for UCD Young Greens

It’s no secret that I am in favour of new leadership in the Green Party. I made that clear in my last piece; “Ryan Is Not The Green Messiah, He’s A Very Naughty Boy”. So let’s be clear from the top – I am biased. However, the following is not intended as an attack on the new Minister for Climate Action.

Why the Irish are so sympathetic towards the situation in Palestine

On Saturday 4th of July, the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) alongside the Palestinian communities in Ireland and the Irish public held a number of protests across Ireland against the proposed Israeli Annexation of the West Bank. This protest is the latest of many pro-Palestinian protests held on the Island.

How the New Department of Higher Education Will Affect Students

With the formation of a new government comes the announcement of the new Department for Higher Education, Innovation and Science. Simon Harris, Fine Gael TD for Wicklow is now to take the position of a dedicated Minister for Higher Education,…

Why Music Unites Protesters During BLM Movement

Black Lives Matter remains one of the most prominent news stories at present, as protests and marches continue across the globe. In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, people around the world, from America to Australia, have come together in protest, calling out for proper recognition and reform of the systemic racism which permeates societies across the globe.

Music has always been political, and there is perhaps no greater example of this in the 21st century than its use during the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests. During these protests, music has become a commonplace tool to not only keep spirits lifted, but also to continually serve as a reminder of what people are protesting for.

The Effects of the Arab Spring, Ten Years After it Began

In late 2010, almost ten years ago, a Tunisian street vendor who went by the name of Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire as a response to state officials harassing him in an attempt to shut down his business with no valid reason. This hopeless act of one individual, set off a domino effect across the Middle East that consisted of fed up and oppressed youth taking on the streets.

The protests against government corruption started in Tunisia in December 2010, with the goal of reforming the political system headed at the time by Zine el-Abidine, who was in power for 23 years. This was the spark needed for a revolution that spread across North Africa and the Middle East. A combination of political subjugation and poor economies led to the spread of the protests to 19 out of the 22 Arab nations.

Ryan Is Not The Green Messiah, He’s A Very Naughty Boy | Opinion

Before we begin, let’s clear this up. I am a Green Party member. I speak for myself and not for anyone else in the party who happens to share my positions. I am a young (22 years old), left-wing college…

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: What’s Bertie up to now? | Education, Politics, Brexit and More

Bertie Ahern served as Taoiseach from 1997-2008, having also served as Minister for Finance and Minister for Labour during his political career. He is currently Co-Chair of the InterAction Council of Former Heads of State and Government. The College Tribune’s…

EXCLUSIVE: Micheál Martin Interview | Universities “Under Significant Pressure”

Micheál Martin has been a TD for Cork South-Central since 1989. He is the current leader of Fianna Fáil and is currently in talks to form a Government with Fine Gael and The Green Party. The College Tribune’s Neil Stokes…

Road to Nowhere: Class of 2020 Pulls the Short Straw

The Class of 2020 may be remembered as the class of COVID-19, but the current pandemic should not be their only concern. Ireland’s newest graduates will enter an environmentally scarred world, with an economic model where the ideals that their…

No Pennies Saved: Ireland’s Failure to Fund Higher Education

There are issues in Irish politics that get more attention than others. It’s a sad reality of democracy – issues that get votes have money thrown their way and others, perhaps more important issues, are left to one side. The…