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Chic and Eek 8/11/11


Marc Jacobs on South Park: Forget Dior job rumours, Jacobs is too busy helping Cartman find his favourite toy as well as starring in a top-secret new film project.

KK-Redress: A 72 Day marriage isn’t long enough for us to allow Kim Kardashian keep those wedding gifts; all that Waterford Crystal can be sent back to The College Tribune Office, UCD, Dublin 4.

Naomie Harris: Just cast as Ms Monneypenney in the new Bond flick…and yes, it is that woman you thought was Samantha Mumba in Pirates of the Carribean.


Misplacing €3.6 Billion: It’s amazing what you can find at the back of the sofa.

Donal Skehan: I tried cooking in the closet but my Victoria sponge wouldn’t rise.

Stella McCartney Polka-Dots: Worn last week by Kate Winslet, Tess Daly & Liv Tyler. Penneys released their version months ago. Time to head back to Central St. Martins Stella.                                                                                                                                        



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