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Trump’s Booming US Economy Is On Borrowed Time

Donald Trump may be broadly unpopular, but there is no denying that the US economy has improved since he took office. Unemployment is low, the stock market is high, and the effects of the $1.5 trillion tax bill passed in…

How To Speak to An American

You’re in college so chances are you’ve happened across one of our American cousins. Until now, you’ve only ever seen an American in movies like “Police Academy 2” and “When Harry Met Sally”. Unless of course you’re from D4, in…

Impeachment: How Does It Work?

Impeachment law has recently gained new prominence in the public eye. In the United States, Donald’s Trump’s opponents call for him to be removed from the Presidential office. In the Philippines, Chief Justice Maria Sereno currently faces an impeachment trial….

Michael Corleone: A tragic figure in American cinema

At the end of  The Godfather: Part 3, capsule the conclusion of Francis Ford Coppola’s epic mafia trilogy, try a wizened, feeble Michael Corleone adjusts his sunglasses, slumps forward, and dies alone. He sits on a chair in dusty, barren…