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Are Airpods Completely Indefensible?

As someone who no longer identifies as a youth, I can now stand back and observe the habits and interests of current youths with a degree of objectivity. There a number of things that are popular amongst gen z that…

Why Ireland’s Attitude to Tax Law Needs to Change

Illegal State Aid In August 2016, news broke that Ireland had been offering illegal State aid to its leading multinational corporations, namely Apple Inc., who were being called upon to repay €13bn. In a statement on the revelation, the European…


Same Same But Different

Tech editor Graham Harkness takes a look at the new iPhone 6s The new iPhone 6s is due to come out this week. Will it break the traditional apple cycle of introducing small changes over its predecessor or will it…

Tech Editor Graham Harkness Takes A Look At Apple’s Latest Installment: The iWatch

So Jesus Cooke did his latest Keynote recently. To the rapturous applause of a million pre-screened disciples gazing into the screen of slow motion shots and emotionally epic music our lives are about to become that more closer to heaven….