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Budget 2020: “In the Shadow of Brexit.”

In his opening remarks, Minister for Finance, Paschal Donohoe said that budget 2020 was ‘developed in the shadow of Brexit.’ The budget he went on to deliver had very few surprises. In fact, the contents of this year’s budget were…

Pandemonium over Prerogative Powers

“No justification with taking action of such an extreme effect has been put before the Court,’ claimed Lady Hale, President of the UK Supreme Court, in delivering the Court’s recent historic judgement. This was in response to the legality of…

Broken Parliament, Broken Politics

Outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster there is a daily clashes. Pro-European protestors chant ‘stop the coup’ and enthusiastically wave the EU flag. They are passionate, noisy and vast in numbers. For one particular protestor, it is his life….

brexit, brexit impact on ireland

Brexit: Not so Unexpected?

In recent times, it proves virtually impossible to avoid the phenomenon that is Brexit. Each day we are reminded that this country’s future draws closer to an uncertainty as our closest neighbour plans to bid farewell to their EU Membership….

Exit From Brexit

The EU has agreed to allow the UK to extend the Brexit deadline. Theresa May sought to have it extended until 30th June. However, with European Parliamentary elections due to be held on the 23rd of May. The UK has…


EU Competition Laws In Need Of Reform

Last week, the EU suggested that they would block the proposed merger between railway giants Alstom and Siemens, signalling a stark reminder of how outdated some of the EU’s laws are. It’s perhaps one of the reasons Britain is looking…

brexit, brexit impact on ireland

Vox Populi: Scotland’s Lawyers Want A Second People’s Vote On Brexit

In a survey conducted by Scottish Legal News, Scottish lawyers have indicated that a majority of them would support a ‘People’s Vote’ on the final Brexit deal. The survey comprised 750 members and 76% of these approved of a People’s…


England’s Difficulty and Ireland’s opportunity?

The Law Reform Commission held its annual conference on 14th November. The theme this year was Brexit and Law Reform in Ireland. While the negotiations continue to eke out minute details of a post-Brexit world, the Law Reform Commission decided…

Third-Sector May Be Insulated From Worst Of Brexit

The Department of Education and Skills (DES) are collaborating with the Higher Education Authority (HEA), to prepare for consequences of both a ‘negotiated exit’ and ‘no deal’ Brexit on their institutions. The EU has stated as past of the Withdrawal…

Brexit: Deal Or No Deal, Time Is Running Out

This month saw an interesting dance playing out in Brussels, with United Kingdom Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab making a last minute and unexpected trip to Brussels. Many suspected that this was a sign of a breakthrough in negotiations, hopes that…


European Court of Justice To Rule On Article 50

It has been over two years since Britain made the destructive decision to leave the European Union. Despite the considerable amount of time that has passed it seems that both parties are moving further and further away from reaching an…

Opinion: Irexit party are the wrong people, but they’re starting the right debate

Two weeks ago Ireland saw the launch of the ‘Irexit: Freedom to Prosper’ party,  UKIP clone in all but name. While a courtesy glance at their Twitter feed will reveals a nativism typical of most Eurosceptic parties, they also throw…