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UCD and China: Visits and Events Roundup for 2017

The College Tribune has been recently reporting on UCD President Andrew Deeks’ alumni tours to Australia and China. While UCD’s links with China have grown over the past number of years, Deeks has been accelerating these developments. Information about his…

Reporting From the East

After being admitted to a year-long exchange programme at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, College Tribune Sports Editor Chris Foley saw Hong Kong’s domestic football league as the perfect opportunity to immerse himself in local life. After taking on…

President Deeks Claims Confucius Overrun “Will Not Impact” other Campus Projects

  UCD college President Andrew Deeks has issued a statement to staff on the Confucius Institute building revelations, claiming the increased €4.1 million UCD bill will “not impact on other capital projects on campus”. The university head said the “remarkable” project…

UCD Left To Pay €3 Million Overrun of Confucius Centre to “Avoid a Diplomatic Incident” with China

The cost of building the new Confucius Centre in UCD has risen from the initial estimated cost of €7.4 million up to €10.2 million. The college’s bill for the construction costs has now increased from €1.4 million to €4.1 million….

Chinese Ministry of Education Inspects Confucius Institute in UCD

It can be revealed that the controversial Chinese Ministry of Education inspects the Confucius Institute in UCD. The news comes as a new €7 million Confucius Centre is currently being constructed for the Institute beside the Engineering building in UCD….

Chinese Economy Facing Potential Slowdown

China, or in its correct form,  the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), is known to be the world’s most populous country. In 2013 the World Bank quoted the population as being somewhere in the region of 1.35 billion people. With…