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General Election

GE2020: Ireland’s Election of … Change?

Irish politics is entering a new phase after a dynamic election battle. Election 2020 was a divisive campaign which highlighted further destruction of the civil war parties’ duopoly and foreshadowed a fascinating decade in Irish politics.  This was a change…

Editorial News

You Have 6 Hours to Claim Your Vote

Applications to have your name on the register of electors for the upcoming general election close today at 5pm. The register which will be used in the election comes into force from February 15th, just ten days ahead of polling…


Register of Electors to Close on Wednesday

Applications for inclusion on the main register of electors are due to close at the end of the working day on Wednesday, November 25th. Registry is required in order to be able to vote in the Republic of Ireland. Anyone…


Student Voices Want to Be Heard in the Coming General Election

The start of the college term for students across Ireland coincides with what for many of Ireland’s politicians is the beginning of election season. While politicians are gearing up for campaigns and debates, students are struggling to find affordable accommodation…


Party Selection Conventions Give Rise to Drama of Election to Come

The slow summer months have seen the Irish political main stage fall quiet, with little entertainment emerging from the corridors of the Oireachtas. The real political drama has been taking place across the country from constituency to constituency, at each…