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Jack O’Sullivan


“The Panama Papers”, What You Need to Know

They’ve been called the biggest leak in history. But what are the Panama papers and why are they important? They are 11.5 million leaked files from Mossack Fonseca, the world’s 4th largest off-shore law firm, which detail the secretive industry…


Another Downturn? Growth Falters and Risk Returns

Financial markets have had a worrying opening to 2016.  The causes, so far, have been rapidly falling commodity prices, fears over China’s growth and its “up and down” exchange rate policy, and concerns about central banks’ ability to continue fuelling…


Ireland Under Scrutiny as Europe’s Chief Privacy Regulator

The European Court of Justice’s recent “safe harbour” judgment regarding the transfer of personal customer data from Europe back to the US has highlighted Ireland’s role as the home of Europe’s head privacy regulator, and showed that we may not…