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Possible Implementation of a Gross Negligence Rape Offence in Ireland

Possible Implementation of a Gross Negligence Rape Offence in Ireland

Most UCD students are familiar with the animated ‘tea’ consent video, often shown in the first days of orientation to newly accepted students. While consent in concept is as easy as tea, the legislation surrounding consent and rape law it…

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Brexit: Not so Unexpected?

In recent times, it proves virtually impossible to avoid the phenomenon that is Brexit. Each day we are reminded that this country’s future draws closer to an uncertainty as our closest neighbour plans to bid farewell to their EU Membership….


Quinn Children Settle With The IBRC

The children of former businessman Sean Quinn have arranged to settle with the Irish Banking Resolution Corporation following litigation for a suit for €440 million. Under this settlement, each of the five adult Quinn children – Sean Junior, Aoife, Brenda,…


Copyright Or Wrong?

On the 21st March a number of European Wikipedia sites did the unthinkable and went dark for the day. They replaced their regular interface with a screen bearing the words ‘THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE’. The site then exhorted any…


What Could Happen When The Mueller Investigation Ends?

There are reports that the end of the Mueller investigation might be coming to an end. Though there have been false whispers of this before, this time is being treated with more legitimacy by Washington. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller…


Unlicensed Entry: How Far Is Too Far?

The Garda Siochana, as their name literally translates, are a service dedicated to upholding the public order. However, this duty can only interfere so much, hence why the law has provided limits to their powers. The best example of this…


When Is A BigMac Not A BigMac?

Q: When is a Big Mac not a Big Mac? A: When a patent office says so. Last January the European Union Intellectual Property Office (the ‘EUIPO’) delivered a surprising ruling. Supermacs had originally filed a revocation order with them,…


England’s Difficulty and Ireland’s opportunity?

The Law Reform Commission held its annual conference on 14th November. The theme this year was Brexit and Law Reform in Ireland. While the negotiations continue to eke out minute details of a post-Brexit world, the Law Reform Commission decided…


Prodigal Son gets Prodigous Award

Do your parents have to provide for you in their will? According to the latest result in the High Court, yes they do. The case of K v K came before the court this week. The case concerned a fraternal…

LawSoc Debate On Euthanasia Hears Emotional Speeches

LawSoc’s fifth weekly debate considered one of the most serious motions to date, whether or not this house would legalise Euthanasia. The serious nature of the debate left presented a difficult task for Correspondence Secretary Tommy McDarby whose task it…

LawSoc Considers Would They Rather Be Witty Or Pretty?

This weeks LawSoc debate returned to the more comedic side of things, with the house considering the motions ‘This house would rather be witty than pretty’. The speakers truly embraced the laughable nature of the motion, taking regular pot shots…

An Intern’s Experience of the Society of Legal Scholars Conference

Daniel Forde recounts his working experience at the recent Legal Scholars’ Conference. The Society of Legal Scholars Conference took place in the Sutherland  School of Law over the 5th-8th of September, and this author had the privilege to be a…