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Why Music Unites Protesters During BLM Movement

Black Lives Matter remains one of the most prominent news stories at present, as protests and marches continue across the globe. In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, people around the world, from America to Australia, have come together in protest, calling out for proper recognition and reform of the systemic racism which permeates societies across the globe.

Music has always been political, and there is perhaps no greater example of this in the 21st century than its use during the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests. During these protests, music has become a commonplace tool to not only keep spirits lifted, but also to continually serve as a reminder of what people are protesting for.

Power to the People: The History of the Protest Song

Music and politics have always gone together. Artists have always used their work to protest and to heighten our awareness of social injustice, anger and oppression. ‘Strange Fruit’ by Billie Holiday protested the horrific racism endured by African Americans at…