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Ryan Is Not The Green Messiah, He’s A Very Naughty Boy | Opinion

Before we begin, let’s clear this up. I am a Green Party member. I speak for myself and not for anyone else in the party who happens to share my positions. I am a young (22 years old), left-wing college…

Broken Parliament, Broken Politics

Outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster there is a daily clashes. Pro-European protestors chant ‘stop the coup’ and enthusiastically wave the EU flag. They are passionate, noisy and vast in numbers. For one particular protestor, it is his life….

The Far-Right in Ireland: Faction or Fringe?

Over the Summer the Google European Headquarters on Barrow Street were the stage for prolonged demonstrations as freelance journalist Gemma O’Doherty protested the ban handed to her by the video-sharing platform YouTube, one of the company’s many subsidiaries. O’Doherty, joined…

brexit, brexit impact on ireland

Brexit: Not so Unexpected?

In recent times, it proves virtually impossible to avoid the phenomenon that is Brexit. Each day we are reminded that this country’s future draws closer to an uncertainty as our closest neighbour plans to bid farewell to their EU Membership….

The Premature Effort To Ban Election Posters

As the local and European elections approach, one fact of Irish politics is the inevitable emergence of posters for political candidates. Postering is a very Irish phenomenon, with many other countries either restricting their use to designated areas or favouring…

Indian Airstrikes In Kashmir: Rivalry & Violence

At around 4am in Kashmir on the 26th of February or 10.30pm on the night of the 25th in Ireland, Indian fighter jets carried out airstrikes in Balakot, Pakistan, targeting the hillside camp of a group called Jaish-e-Mohammed. Shortly after,…

Political Gridlock In Venezuela

Imagine your entire life savings being wiped out? Imagine having to spend half your weekly wages to afford a loaf of bread? Imagine in a time of crisis your leader not letting humanitarian aid into your country? Unfortunately, this is…

Venezuela’s Despotic Dilemma

Venezuela, a country of over 31 million people has been in the grip of economic catastrophe for over five years. They possess the world’s largest oil reserves, and the trade of this commodity represents 96% of the country’s export income….

The Causes And Effects Of Negative News

A quick glance at two of the most popular Irish news websites displays how negative news is ubiquitous in the media. The Irish Times website on the 25th of January 2019 at 18:30; ‘Brexit: soldiers may return to Border, Varadkar…

The Social Psychological Explanation of Political Cleavages

A cleavage by definition implies a division. Within politics, divisions are overtly evident and are commonly a contentious area and stratified to a large degree. There are a number of explanations for why there are significant political cleavages in our…

Politics Society Welcomes Mexican Ambassador

UCD Politics and International Relations Society welcomed Mr. Miguel Malfavón, the Mexican Ambassador to Ireland, on Monday evening, to give a talk titled ‘Mexico 2018: A New Political Reality’. The event began with an introduction video that aimed to explain…


Keeping Politics To The Politicians

Last November, financial markets worldwide braced themselves as Donald Trump barged his way into the Oval Office, using not much more than braggadocious remarks and a deep wallet. Despite the initial 7% drop in US equities, things picked up as…