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Social distancing

Universities Can Exercise One-Metre Distancing With Face Coverings

UCD, along with the other Irish institutions of higher education, has welcomed new guidelines allowing for one metre social distancing on-campus, paired with the wearing of masks. The new guidelines were published by the IUA (Irish Universities Association), who were…

BREAKING: UCD Expects One Metre Distancing On Campus, Against Government Guidance

University College Dublin (UCD) is still working under the expectation of 1-metre physical distance measures on campus in the upcoming Trimester, despite recent guidance from government suggesting a 2-metre distance. Sources have told The College Tribune that the University expects…

UCD Planning for Reduction in Social Distancing to One Metre in September

University College Dublin (UCD) is now planning for a one metre social distancing measure to be implemented on-campus by September, according to documents seen by The College Tribune. Following adapted guidelines in the hospitality and transport sectors, it is understood…

Student nights out could be postponed until 2021 as restaurants await Phase 4

With the restrictions on lockdown easing up, the government has allowed for pubs and restaurants to re-open with a detailed set of rules outlined by the HSE. Some of them include signage and floor markings in order to maintain physical distancing of two metres between tables as well as one metre between customers seated at tables. In ‘controlled’ environments where all other pre-requisites are met, tables can be set one meter apart.