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Thomas Monaghan

“I Wasn’t The Most ‘PC’, But I Don’t Regret It” | Thomas Monaghan on Leaving UCDSU

Agreeing to interview Thomas Monaghan, I didn’t really know what to expect, having an image of him as this mad Mayo fella from UCD Students’ Union (SU). We began in the most clichéd ‘Thomas Monaghan’ way, starting the Zoom call…

UCDSU Final Election Results

In a long count which last over 13 hours, a new UCDSU Sabbatical team has been elected for 2018/2019. It was a long day with several recounts but eventually a new team was elected with some of the races coming…

Barry Murphy Re-Elected as UCDSU President

Barry Murphy has been re-elected as UCDSU President. The incumbent overcame five challengers and will now stay in his role until June 2019. The total valid poll in the Presidential race was 3,807, up from 3,237 votes cast last year….