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Student Social Workers Left Stranded, Unable to Graduate Due to Postponement of Placement

Up to 50 postgraduate student social workers in University College Dublin (UCD) may be unable to graduate this year due to disruption of placements related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

5 Reasons Why UCD Students Don’t Clean Up After Themselves

UCD students are reportedly terrible at picking up after themselves despite being old enough to know how to do it. Peak rubbish-leaving areas include the Insomnia Café, Subway in the Gerald Manley Hopkins building, and every table in the Newman…

UCD Students Begin Boycott of Aramark Catering

Students in UCD are boycotting campus food services supplied by Aramark Catering, because of the company’s work with Direct Provision housing. In 2013, Aramark secured the tenure to create an International Food Court in Gerard Manley Hopkins building, above the…