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First Part of SASR Nearing Completion

The first part of the Student and Academic Services Review (SASR) is nearing completion. The SASR is the first major survey of UCD’s support services since 2005. It is being carried out by the SASR Steering Group, chaired by Mark…

Internal UCD Staff Survey Criticises Lack of ‘Leadership’ and ‘Accountability’ in University Management

An internal university staff engagement survey has found satisfaction with college management and leadership is poor in UCD. 1,827 staff completed a college internal ‘UCD Culture & Engagement Survey’, at a comparatively large response rate of 51%. The identified weaknesses…

Student Issues Discussed just Four Times by University Management Team in 2016

The College Tribune has obtained the summary minutes of the University Management Team for 2016, the UMT is the key decision making authority in UCD. The minutes dating from January to May were gained through the Freedom of Information Act….