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The Advent of Virtual Reality Psychological Assessment

Virtual Reality (VR) is something everyone has at least heard about, if not actually used. It’s an advanced form of human-computer interaction in which 3D computer-generated images are presented to each eye, via a Head Mounted Display (HMD). This creates…

Death of 3D TV and Google Glass Holds Lessons for Virtual Reality to Take Heed of

Cast your minds back to the year 2010, a time where the world looked a lot of different. Wikileaks, Spain winning the World Cup, Obama was still president, and 3D TVs were totted as the next wave in revolutionary technology….

Facebook Looks Ahead to Wireless VR Headsets with Oculus Rift Plans

  Facebook’s third annual Oculus Rift event occurred last week, showing off what they have in store for the coming months. Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook and owner of Oculus stated earlier this year that he was excited to take…