Social Entrepreneurship: Sustainable Social Change Through Enterprise

In less than a decade there has been a huge change in the way people approach social change. Young people across the world are becoming more concerned about making a positive impact on the world they live in. According to Forbes, 94% of young people want to use their skills to benefit a cause. This change in the way people think brought with it a realisation that charity isn’t the way forward as it does not provide a sustainable long term solution. This led to people turning to Social Entrepreneurship.

O’Neills growth due to strong leadership from within

Ireland’s biggest sportswear manufacturer has switched up their operations in order to provide much needed Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. O’Neills International Sportswear are now assisting Ireland’s essential frontline workers on both sides of the border.

Ordinarily, O’Neills produce sportswear for much of Ireland’s sporting codes and teams, making their diversification a reflection of a society collaborating to overcome a common foe: Covid-19. In this case, in the words of their slogan, O’Neills are proving themselves to be ‘The Choice of Champions’.