A previous version of this article had been published and subsequently taken down due to editorial concerns. After reassessing the concerns, it was decided to republish the article making it clear that the allegations have been challenged earlier in the article.

On April 18, 2021, Limerick rapper GavinDaVinci (birth name Gavin Doyle) has been accused of physical and emotional abuse/manipulation in a lengthy and graphic Instagram post by a former girlfriend. He has denied the allegations instead suggesting that his accuser had physically threatened him.

In the now-deleted post, Doyle’s ex-girlfriend, known as Sandy, outlines a horrific account of physical and emotional abuse, spanning several months. Sandy claims that Doyle had secretly been using OnlyFans during their relationship, and subsequently began to lie and manipulate her upon being confronted about the issue in October, 2020. The confrontation escalated, according to Sandy, as Doyle then allegedly kicked and strangled her, before refusing to take her to hospital, instead offering to buy her a plane ticket to Paris to see her friend.

Sandy goes on to profess her fear of being in Limerick (her and Doyle’s hometown) due to the continued intimidation of his presence, as both a local celebrity and her alleged abuser, in the city poses to her. Sandy states such intimidation has further manifested itself in Doyle ordering his friends and family to contact her late at night in an intimidating tone.

Attached in Sandy’s Instagram post is a series of graphic photographs showing bruise marks on her face and neck which she claims were inflicted upon her by GavinDaVinci himself.

In the days following Sandy’s Instagram post, several of GavinDaVinci’s contemporaries and collaborators in the Irish hip-hop community have publicly denounced the Limerick rapper’s actions and distanced themselves from Doyle.

Softboy Records, headed by Kojaque and Kean Kavanagh (whom Doyle was slated to release a collaborative project with this year) have announced that they have severed ties with GavinDaVinci and have no intention of collaborating with him again. Craic Boi Mental stated he “fully believes the claims made against GavinDaVinci”, claiming he himself has been “wary” of Doyle and his Limerick-based hip-hop collective PX Music for the last few years. District Magazine has deleted all its articles promoting and discussing Doyle, while the Irish Times has removed the rapper off their ‘50 people to watch in 2021’ list.

GavinDaVinci has since claimed all such allegations were defamatory and that he, in fact, had been physically threatened by Sandy upon being confronted about his use of OnlyFans during their relationship. Doyle further professes his disappointment towards the Irish music scene for publicly condemning him in light of the allegations brought against him.

GavinDaVinci is the latest in a long line of rappers to be accused of physical and emotional abuse by a former partner. In late 2020, UK rapper Octavian was accused of physically and emotionally abusing his ex-girlfriend on multiple occasions.

Hip-hop’s problematic culture of misogyny and abuse has made itself apparent in the Irish scene for the first, and hopefully the last, time.

Nicolas Murphy, E&L Editor

If you or a loved one has suffered domestic abuse at the hands of a partner, family member or otherwise, please contact one of the services below.

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