UCD Students voted decisively to retain the pro-choice stance of the Students’ Union today, following one of the highest recorded voting turnouts in recent years.

The pro-choice No side won 64% of the vote, with those advocating for the SU to adopt a neutral stance on the contentious issue only securing 36% of the vote.

The turnout was 4,781 far exceeding the quorum of 2,352, and representing a near two-fold increase on voter turnouts for Student Union elections or referenda in recent years. 

The big wins for the No side came in the Newman (Arts) building and Science. 864 out of 1,204 (over 70%) Arts students who voted chose the pro-choice option. Similarly, 630 out of Sciences 884 votes went to the No side, representing a 71% result win. 

The closest ballot box came from the Business school, which was 52% No and 48% Yes, out of the 338 valid votes cast in the Quinn building. 

In total, 1,726 students voted for the Yes side calling for neutrality, and 3,036 voted No, to retain the SU’s pro-choice position. 


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